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The possible impact of a Payday Loan

We have all seen the adverts offering quick and easy money for those times when your wages are running short and an unexpected cost appears. The idea of getting money straight to your bank account with a couple of clicks makes getting a payday loan seem an appealing option. However, are there long-term implications of […]

Are you on the Standard Variable Rate?

You know what it’s like, you spend hours sorting out your mortgage, and weeks waiting for it to come through. However, once you have the mortgage in place how often do you review it? Those who are conscientious will probably have a note in their diary, if you used a broker you can guarantee they […]

You insure your car, why would you not insure your lifestyle?

You don’t think twice about taking out car insurance or building insurance because there is a legal requirement to have it; but what about your life, your lifestyle, your family. Why would you not protect that as well? Most people when they are taking out a mortgage only think about getting that dream property or […]