Life insurance

Life insurance is designed to provide you with a sum of money in the event of death during the term of the policy under current legislation (2018/2019) this is paid free of tax.

How we can help you

The lump-sum can then be used by your family and dependants how they choose. This could mean that should the worst happen your family will be taken care of.

The cover can be arranged on a Decreasing or Level Term Assurance policy. A Decreasing Term Assurance will pay out a cash lump sum on death, however, as the term of the policy progresses the cash lump sum paid out will decrease. Generally, this type of cover is cheaper than a Level Term Assurance Policy and this is because on a Level Term the cash lump sum paid out will remain the same throughout the term of the policy.

Clare has arranged two mortgages for me now and I can’t speak highly enough of her. Her knowledge and expertise is second to none and will most definitely be recommending to family and friends

The process was made easy and worry free. Personal approach, clear information, great service

Clare was extremely helpful and made all the sections of the process very clear

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