Critical Illness Cover (CIC)

Critical Illness Cover is designed to support you if you were to be diagnosed with a specific list of critical illnesses for example heart attack, stroke and some cancers

How we can help you

The list will depend on the type and provider of that cover. The cover will pay out a lump sum amount tax-free (under 2018/2019 legislation) which you can use however you need to. For example, it could be used to replace a lost income whilst you are recovering, fund private treatment or make changes to your property if needed.

Ideally, the cover is there to make your finances a little bit easier to allow you the time to concentrate on spending time with your family and getting well. This cover, like Life Cover, can be taken on a decreasing or level term and can tailor your cover to your budget. For example, if money is tight you could look at taking cover for a years salary as some cover is better than none. It is important that you do not just look at the price of the policy but also the illnesses covered and any additional benefits. This is where we can help you to make sure you are protected to the best level for the amount of cover you can get for your budget.

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The process was made easy and worry free. Personal approach, clear information, great service

Clare was extremely helpful and made all the sections of the process very clear

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